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April 08, 2014


Johan Lindén

Good post by Jeff, and good comments above!
Also interesting to see that someone else than me found Ben Hunt through JM.


I would say that when the "bulls" are backslapping themselves, is perhaps the most likley time for a good turn down.

the obvious manipulation at every level of the markets makes one point clear. It is all a a bull, until you shouldn't or just take your money from that playing field of deceit and disgust.


Yeah, the reason why disasters rarely happen is that everyone is doing their best to stop them! Mauldin and his readers failed to grasp this astonishing fact! Great post!

Robert Martorana


You are quite right about Greece, and I appreciate your assessment of Mr. Maudlin's posts.

I have heard that tabloid journalism is based on two simple rules: Simplify and exaggerate. A long-term investor, on the other hand, is interested in research, track records, and accountability.

Perhaps you have written articles that contrast tabloid journalism with long-term investing. If so, I'd love to read them. These days I grow increasingly frustrated with the media's focus on pageviews and popularity at the expense of accuracy.


Chris Tinker

Like you I admire JM's business model and sometimes appreciate the different perspectives that his letters can bring - linking to other, interesting observers in his outside the box piece, for example, is a great opportunity to access other thoughts out there.
However, the benefit of that is changing. When Ben Hunt ( Epsilon theory) was flagged up by JM I started accessing his work directly and appreciate its perspective but now that Ben is top of the Seeking Alpha reading list his views are (rightly) gaining a profile of their own. The problem that I have with JM is that like Roubini and others, their profile garners them access to policy makers in a manner wholly disproportionate to their skill set. Personally I find JM's own analysis disappointing and sensationalist and now rarely read past the conclusions. It is written with the view that to be scared of the world is correct and that every investor needs a guide though the financial underworld by a visionary who understands the risks and realities (buy my book).
As a result, the narrative that he continues to propose is one that is designed to undermine investor confidence in the persistence of returns over time - indeed his failure to acknowledge the role that time has as a solution to anything (everything collapses in the immediate future for him it seems) marks him out as a short-term noise and news provider - not a serious analyst.

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