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March 09, 2014


John S

Thanks for another level-headed summary of the situation. I don't comment much but I do read you regularly & appreciate the blog.

Re: The Ugly -- The Pentagon, the CIA, and (IIRC) the USAF all have a long history of "investing" in various forms of pseudoscience. CSICOP and the late Martin Gardner were all over that nonsense.


Although Larry Kudlow is a gentleman who could actually listen to contradictory views, he has been wrong through the bulk of the major events in the last couple of decades. More recently, he claimed, as late as the second half of 2008, that the housing market was fine and that bearish views were unfounded. Then in 2009 he asserted that the best policy would be to strengthen the dollar, effectively tightening monetary policy in the midst of a demand crash. Kudos to him for adjusting his views, however.

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