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October 05, 2013


Mivchael Boyles

Q "Who are the Reps picking up?"
A Only one percent of people who went to Obamacare exchange sites signed up. Many, Many of those who didn't sign on went there looking for "the free one" only to find coverage more expensive than the low budget plans of the past that Obamacare outlawed. Discovering that you have been mislead equils a "Republican Moment".

Bo McNinch

I really like your work. You are one of the few who cuts through the talking heads and deals with what is known.

My wife and I received our "you're screwed letter from BCBS. We can't keep our plan and the closest choice is the $5,500 deductible plan for an INCREASE of $420 per month starting January 1. What does Q1 2014 look like with many citizens like us having their pockets picked? Keep up the good work.


As always, Jeff, thank you for putting things into context on a week-to-week basis. I truly enjoy reading these and find it very helpful when trying to organize my own thoughts and viewpoints on the market.

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