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May 07, 2013



So are you brave enough to write a new Dow 30,000 headline?


Well said


I don't get how "most investors missed" the first leg? Surely evryone that "got out" (and are still presumably waiting to get back in) had to sell their shares to someone - who therefore must have been "in" for this period of rising.

There is no "cash on the sidelines", because as they invest into the market, someone else must be cashing out.

Other than IPO's, what am I missing here?


Good post.
People like Buffett - J. P. Morgan, too, for that matter - made fortunes understanding that there is always an underlying pressure in the positive direction. That's why people work, organize, learn... it's what they put their lives into and, in the aggregate, it succeeds.


There is good reason to believe your thinking will ultimately prevail as wisdom.
The chant really started in my view with 9/11 with "Be afraid Be afraid-and vote for me". This was quickly followed by the hucksters with "be afraid and buy my stuff", the stuff being anything from gold to shotguns to survival equipment. The endless relentless chant has been to "BE AFRAID". This has been costly to many, particularly the early stage retirees.


Awesome. The worst part of it is that the fear-mongers kept the people out of the market who lost a lot in the Great Recession and were close to retirement, so not a lot of time to catch up. The fear monger idiots made a bad situation worse for a lot of people that now have no chance to recover. Way to create much misery.

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