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March 24, 2013



Talking about market timing the majority of managers can't beat an index fund.


Both comments above deserve serious consideration.


Your suggested "trial balloon" conclusion might also be labeled a lawless, socio-experimental approach by the Eurocrats. I feel there is a growing 'fairness disequilibrium' that might be difficult to quantify. What do you think of

Tim in Albion

Completely agree; that remark "(e.g., higher taxes)" jumps out as extremely clueless, a jingoism that seems out of place in a rational discussion. Did Mr. Grannis look at the income levels where higher taxes kick in, and find "many individuals" calibrating their work to stay under those levels? I very much doubt it.

Mr. Grannis might listen to the episode of This American Life, entitled "Trends with Benefits," exploring the complex and perverse reasons behind the sudden and spectacular increase in people on SSI (disability). He'd find much that would resonate with his political philosophy, as a great deal of it is caused by government foolishness (more accurately, inability to recognize perverse incentives).

The Tea Party, and the right in general, is too obsessed with taxation and thereby missing the immensely damaging effects of our perverse and dysfunctional health insurance/care mess.


I'm sorry but if Scott Grannis is so apolitically objective, how does he manage to slip in a tea party bullshit fantasy talking point like this one? "And many individuals have probably decided that the rewards to working harder or returning to work are outweighed by the costs (e.g., higher taxes) to doing so."


When your analytical inputs are politicized fantasy garbage, then you know what the results will be as well. Good luck.

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