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February 02, 2013


not correction but secular bear reversal, balloooooon feds and goldmanite muppets blowed is busting. i warn you, within 1 yr time dow, sp and russell will plunge well over 30% and lemmings will be doped again.
don't trust banksters speculative bubbles.


The bulls have to have some more pain. However, I have been long during the run. There will most likely be some sell signals in the coming few months.

The Federal Reserve Board, in its latest Flow of Funds Accounts of the
United States, reports open-end mutual funds sold $36.6 Billion in equities
during the first nine months of 2012. Over the same period, exchangetraded
funds (ETFs) were net purchasers, buying $87.7 Billion in stocks of
publicly traded U.S. financial and non-financial corporations. Sales by
mutual funds of the open-end variety were more offset by purchases by
ETFs. Nor was 2012 anomalous. As the chart shows, ETFs have been
taking share from open-end mutual funds for the better part of the last decade

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