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February 09, 2013


Grey Owl

Sorry, Jeff, I disagree with WSJ and the Mrs. Yes, it would be wonderful if some serious analyses were entertaining as well. But it does not work well - trying to entertain will take some focus off the analysis. People who want entertainment can find it elsewhere. Your audience may become bigger, but at some considerable cost. Not worth it. Thanks again for your perspective. Actually, all others should become like you IMHO


Jeff, I had a look at the ratings and the supporting evidence. Very instructive. Thank you.


...and both have something specific to sell...

These are the KEYWORDS


Andrew H -- Perhaps CXO's guru grade of 38% for Shilling will be helpful.

or Mauldin's 40%.

Their viewpoints never change, and both have something specific to sell.

But I understand the frustration.


Andrew H

The most frustrating thing for the individual investor is to read within 15 minutes, the calm, balanced analysis here and the more emotive but equally compelling thoughts of Gary Schilling's latest views (via John Mauldin) with the prospect of 30 year bond yields going to 2% and deflation lurking. 2% on bonds with a finite maturity or 2% yield on a stock with no maturity. Me? I'm going to read Larry Swedroe's new book but hell, Jeff, I'm confused.

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