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January 21, 2013



So by your logic anyone who doesnt say "ceteris paribus." is therfore a pop economist???

Perhaps too many poppies for you?

Brett @ wstreetstocks

Great analysis! Very few people are aware of this important economic concept.


Good food for thought today Jeff, Thanks for posting.


The Fed might go broke! Ha, that's a good one. The ECB hasn't gone broke. The Swiss National Bank hasn't gone broke. Even the Japan Central Bank hasn't gone broke, at least not yet :)

On a more serious note, ARE profit margins mean reverting? I mean, is the process known to be mean reverting - stationary, unit roots and all those other dangerous economic terms, or do people just look at a few years of data and proclaim it's mean reverting? For heaven's sake, we're not really even sure GDP is mean reverting, right?

Writing to hit a specific audience (American, today) is not trivial. I've never read him, but Grant has a tough job. Ever read any good fiction from, say, the 20's to the 40's? Almost unreadable. Even Ian Fleming is difficult.

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