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January 02, 2013


Paulo McManus

Great article, for the meantime i monetarily forgot all the impending implications of the fiscal cliff bill. Well i am not really affected since i don't belong in the $400,000 margin. lol Better read more about Ed Butowsky opinion on this matter.

barbara foell

Re: “…the producers could not find good subjects for interviews. [Hint: Check here or here or here.]”

Ah, Jeff, forget about attracting the attention of the recruiters of ‘talking heads’ .

Why not promote a more interesting activity? Get in touch with Warren Buffett and tell him to forget about beating you; but offer to help him be a winner with you in a team event?

“I understand that Mr. Buffett would rather beat me at bridge than win the Silver Bullet award.”

Seriously, thank you for posting your ‘Cliff notes’ series, which I have read with great interest.

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