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January 15, 2013


james Blackstone

Economic growth improving? I must be residing on a different continent. Why no discussion of precious metals to hedge inflation?

Joni Jake1

nice job loving very good article i like this blog.


pmp -- Actually, I have been an Apple investor since the stock traded at 63. Investors love to buy stocks from traders who think you can figure out the right price from a chart. The objectives are just different.

Your take on the fundamentals is a bit sketchy, so readers might find this alternative approach helpful:

This annual preview post was not the place for elaborate discussion of each pick, but I will say that there are good opportunities for expansion geographically and with new products, as well as increased sales and repeat business with existing products.

Thanks for joining in.



It is horrible advice to recommend Apple. You've been recommending it since it was near 700. After a 30% haircut, why don't you look at the fundamentals again? Their margins are the decline and the technical analysis has 300 written all over it.They have missed 3 out of the last 5 quarters and Apple is a buy? Come on

Not As Old Prof.

I concur with Old Prof's notion that we are still in the early phase of an economic recovery. A still moderate, but improving recovery is also the consensus forecast of the Chicago Fed's recent symposium: "Economic Outlook Symposium: Summary of 2012 results and 2013 forecasts." For those of us who are not traders but investors, the the Prof.'s analysis is very helpful.

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