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October 18, 2012



Excellent piece - fits with the multitude of charts that continually arrive in our inboxes purporting to show another 2008-like event due to xyz.


The 1987 crash was an amazing event; it didn't need the internet or Twitter to fall so quickly. It was the only time prior to the 90's where I can recall the Dow being discussed at work, because people heard about it on their car radios during lunch. I was working for an Ivy league college, and the next day the story was the economics dept members all lost 22% from their 401k's, since they had all been 100% in stocks.

There's a story about one investor that was starting a fund in the 1930's, right after the crash of 1929, who refused to hire anyone that had been through the crash. It was thought that after such a traumatic event they would never again be able to properly evaluate risk and reward. I wonder how many people have been forever scarred by 2002 and 2009?

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