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September 08, 2012



Yes, the "financial investment" indicators seem to be better, and I try to follow mine and ignore news/anecdotes. However, anecdotes like the fiscal cliff, QE, Twist, lowering of underwriting standards for car loans, etc., are not sustainable long term. So, for a "trade/speculation" (I am not really an investor, I guess), it is a good time.

However, I think in the next few to several years, we will have the third in the series of significant recessions during this secular bear. After the shakeout during that one, the dust should clear for another secular bull. It'll be painful between now and then.

Thanks for your work.


I see BB doing the same as he has for the last year---promising help in the future if needed--He doesn't have to say any thing new---just the hint of more QE and all the sheep will drive up the markets --Why do more QE when all he has to do is promise more in the future.I think what will happen instead is that he'll announce nothing, the market will briefly drop in "disappointment", and then - completely inexplicably - rally. That's sort of the worst of all worlds, since it'll prove once again that the THREAT of QE3 is more powerful than the DEPLOYMENT of it.

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