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September 02, 2012



Paul -- You need to be a lot more careful in making this sort of accusation -- especially your bolded "never."

Lakshman did a series of interview shows and said slightly different things. If you click through the link I provided, you will hear the word "now" just as the Bonddad blog reported. The context makes clear that he thinks the recession might have started in August or October, but in the 3rd or 4th quarter.

So you are quite incorrect in challenging my facts. But it is nitpicking anyway. They have clearly blown this call, even if a recession were to start now.

More importantly, if you had followed the forecasters I have been recommending, you would have made some money.

Just a thought.....



You keep stating wrongly

"The ECRI recession call is now over a year old. Many have forgotten that at the time of the original prediction, the ECRI claimed that the recession was already underway by September of 2011."

They have NEVER predicted the recession started in Sept 2011, get your facts straight.Lakshman said "we don't know, it could be now or in a another month or 2".


There is no question congress is to blame. They are the law making body and the only body that can create legislation favorable to the job market. The GOP stance that the single most important item on their agenda was the defeat of our current president making him a one term president speaks volumes as to what the problem has been.


I think the resignation threat of Jens Weidmann should be counted as a "good" thing for the markets, as it shows he doesn't feel complete support for his stance in Berlin.


This is what should be done for jobs:

The Value of a College Degree

which means providing cheaper college degrees, and writing off student debt if necessary. And, providing student loans at the 10 year treasury interest rate, which can be funded by issuing as many of those treasuries as needed.

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