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September 29, 2012



scm -- I was a Doug Short fan before the ECRI series started. He is among the best at creating charts that really tell the story.

Since moving to Advisor Perspectives he has provided some visibility for those with a wide variety of viewpoints and approaches.

Concerning the valuation methods, you probably already know my approach. It is not included in the four currently listed, nor is anything similar included. At some point I will try to convince him that something reflecting equity risk premium and interest rates would be a good addition -- if only because it is used by a good fraction of professional investors.




I know you're a big fan of Doug Short re his ongoing "stuffing" of the ECRI recession call. At his excellent website, Doug also writes at length that the market is sharply overvalued on all four of the different valuation metrics he follows. I was wondering your thoughts on the same.


The RecessionAlert update is now available --- 4.77% odds for the next 3-4 months.

Thanks again to their team for providing this valuable information to readers of "A Dash."



jd -- Thanks. What we do in analyzing behavior is more work and less fun, but also more profitable.

Thanks for joining in!




Just a word of thanks for your work. I do not know of another internet site that gathers the relevant data and puts it in the categories that we need to consider. Your public policy training and experience, especially when thinking about Europe, is invaluable.

The financial media and others are always telling us what we, humans, SHOULD do, in their most exalted opinion. Your public policy experience tells us what we ARE going to do given the vagaries of human nature.

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