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September 17, 2012


Valley Goldmine Dallas

Very informative. Thanks for this information!

Those that do qualify can afford a little more house.

As your resident housing bear in 2007, I am an example of what you describe here! Since I don't want to jinx the process underway, I'll stop with that.

Chris of Stumptown

Great quote from McTeer.

As I recall Milton Friedman said something about the proverbial helicopter drop of money: that there would always be a marginal user of the money. Too many people forget that lesson, or never learned it in the first place.


Sorry Jeff, you can't take time off. Voices of reason unmotivated by partisanship are so few and far between, we can't afford to lose them for any amount of time. Well done as usual, now back to work!


Riviera Finance

Good blog, thanks for all the information. Like that housing is going up.


Merci beaucoup pour votre excellent travail! Thank you for your excellent work! You're the best expert I know.


Very nice work Jeff! Thanks for posting...


Always look forward to your week ahead posts. They are like a nice quite conversation in a sea of frantic screaming.


I appreciate the weekly updates - they are a must read for me; so selfishly I'm glad you didn't skip the week!

Paul Nunes

Jeff; glad you are rested! This series of articles has been superb!

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