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August 25, 2012



If the new home sales chart was not on a logarithmic scale, it would be more visible how below historic averages the current level of new home sales remains.

Dal Paull

A delightful term..."the flexible pundit". Touche.


While waiting for JH, we made a video on how to read the yield curve on 5 minutes
hope you like it


RB -- I'm glad you liked most of the list:)

It is difficult for the Fed to keep politics out when one candidate has already announced that he would replace the chairman.

There is some statistical evidence that there is less activity in election years, but I think they will go mostly by the data. That will be one interesting factor to watch.



I look at your "recession resource page" and cringe at that old article where you referred to "respected pundits ... (who) include Rich Karlgaard" - one of the rare lemons you picked, IMO :)

I agree QE3 looks unlikely. Interestingly as suggested by many, this could very well be due to the Fed's reluctance to be perceived as playing politics before the elections.

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