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August 28, 2012



Occam's Razor.

Interesting how people accept this 'theory" as fact, the only thing going for this theory, is that the Guy had a real cool and unusual name.

The basis and implementation of such a razor are both absurd, and blinding in supposed simplicity.

Keep your eyes open, and don't believe everything that you see. Also, don't disbelieve what you know as fact.

Johan Linden

Good balanced post!


It is very sad. You are one of the good guys, and I appreciate the work you do on your blog. There are even financial bloggers whom I respect and follow on Twitter, who are otherwise geniuses, but totally go off the rails on this sort of political stuff, letting ideology blind them to facts and common sense. And it's not just the U.S. where this is a problem. In the Arab world millions believe Neil Armstrong converted to Islam. And millions across the world believe 9/11 was staged by (insert: U.S., Bush, Isreal, take your pick). In Germany, it was revealed recently, a huge percentage of schoolchildren apparently believe Hitler protected human rights. It goes on and on and on. Yet I am not sure we are in a particular bull market for deception now. It is a short step from looking outside of the U.S. to looking outside of our time, at history, and seeing the myriad deceptions of the past. Still depressing though, to see it in action. And I do wonder if the internet makes it all flourish more -- no statistics on that though.


We're living in a "fact free world". How we got there should be the subject of a national debate.


The conspiricy thing seems to work with a lot of folks. Here in Texas it's pretty hard to have a conversation with anyone because folks are so uninformed. But they have become almost paranoid of government conspiricys and plans to impose Martial Law on us all. To what end is yet undefined, I suppose just because "they" can.


Yes, it's kind of gotten out of hand. Maybe Obama ordered cloud seeding attempting to alter the hurricane's path.

I saw a story or two that intimated the Republican convention leadership was not too smart to pick Tampa due to the threat of hurricanes - ignoring all of the other factors that went into choosing the site. As you say, "The risk was there." Building collapses, tornadoes, earthquakes: someone somewhere would have found fault with another city's selection.

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