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July 22, 2012



Octavio -- Thanks. Good observations and we'll keep following.


Hannah Golanka

We enjoy reading your blog, and thought you might be interested in our latest video Q&A with Credit Suisse's strategist Jonathan Wilmot. Let us know what you think:

Octavio Richetta

late last September. It will be a year soon!

Octavio Richetta

Excelent post. It is good for people to point out typos. However, IMO, it is impressive that given "the almost real time" nature of the posts and the fact that this is a blog, the typo/error rate is below that of many print books I have read (and paid for:-).

On the recession/no recession call, it makes for good entertainment, but given the concerning global macro context we are in, US recession from the current of slugish growth, does not seem that relevant from the point of view of short term equity players.

Yes, ECRI has a lot riding in their call and it will be disastrous to their business if they turn out to be wrong. Actually, even though the jury may still be out, they may already be wrong since they made the initial call


Dal -- Writing on this blog, and especially the weekly column, has given me a deeper appreciation for writing and proofreading. Mrs. OldProf does a great job, but it is more difficult when I am working from the road and the error is in a data point. She emailed me a correction moments after I posted this.

I appreciate that readers cut me some slack, and I encourage corrections.




rafaminos -- Thanks:) Fixed now.


Dal Paull

Another minor typo rafa.
Keep up the good work Jeff, not Steve.



minor typo
180K range for initial jobless claims vs 480k range
I would not dream of a 180k figure !

keep up the good work steve
this is very much appreciated

Johan Linden

Nice final thoughts!

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