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July 28, 2012


Alexander Berger

Very nice analysis. I was going to say you should be on SeekingAlpha, then I saw that you already are.

Based on my much shorter news and technical analysis I decided to take a short position this week (See my analysis here: but I am very open to the possibility of the market going the other direction. Thus my stop loss at S&P 1,422.

I guess only time will tell. Have a great week,
Alexander Berger


Andrew -- I hope that others also enjoy the Silver Bullet.

Thanks for the kind words and best of luck with your trading.



RB -- I haven't written on this theme yet because I don't think it has been very relevant so far.

More later.


Johan Linden

Thanks for all your nice posts! This is one of my weekly favorites! Also thanks for the calendar link! A very good one.

Greetings from Sweden,

Andrew H

Very interesting article as usual. I have taken a little money off the table these last few days after a good run - I do think people are beginning to get carried away in their expectations. However I have been following two of your regular recs: climbing the wall of worry and take what the market is giving you. And you have been spot on again with CAT, Jeff. In this market I find myself wanting to be an investor but trading more than I would like to try and get some added benefit from the peaks and troughs. After two years I am almost at the point where I am beginning to enjoy the volatility. I'd love to think we are about to get the "big long" but I think the incremental solution building is more likely. BTW I loved the Silver Bullet section.


Incidentally, with a 1.5% Q2 GDP, the 4-factor Presidential model predicts a narrow victory for Obama. Any comments for the market implications, for amusement at least?

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