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June 13, 2012


hearing aids North London

Political ignorance then is ignorance about how the political system works in general rather than necessarily ignorance about any specific policy issue. The literature has shown very conclusively that voters really don't know very much; what we're less certain about is whether it matters.


Lou -- Of course you are correct, which is why I use TIVO and mute. If you want to communicate with investors, you must read and watch what they do -- including many magazines in our office that are irrelevant before we receive them.

Good point -- and we try not to waste too much time.




I think most folks make the mistake that these kind of television channels provide a service. they do not. They provide content that is designed to capture your interest up to and including the suceeding commercial and nothing more. I find them to be a complete waste of time offering nothing of value. I'm surprised you have an interest in them. They are not capable of driving markets and do not influence markets as evidence by facts.

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