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June 16, 2012


Khalil Khalil

Hi david, the answer for your question is "THE PEOPLE". There are a lots of smart economists in one's country BUT they don't know how to use it the RIGHT WAY

David Miller

What could be the problem why other countries cannot experience the same thing as other developed countries? I hope, being an economic student, economists can really share even a little amount of help to these countries.


Robert -- These are both valid concerns. For your consideration, please let me pose two questions:

1) Are you worried about profit margins or aggregate profits? Are you getting your information from sources that have a history of accurate earnings forecasts?

2) At some point, a normal economy grows without stimulus. Does your concern focus on the anti-stimulus coming from reduced employment in government?

Thanks for joining in!



VS -- You make an interesting point. It is fairly normal for young people to adjust education, travel, and military service depending upon occupational opportunities. We may be seeing some of that.



Robert Henderson

Our two biggest concerns are (1) that corporate profits are not sustainable at these levels, and those profits are distorting the P/E of the overall market. And (2) that stimulus is now having a diminishing return on the economy.

Dash Cams

I think we're okay. We had a great run at the start of the year and now were just pulling back a little till we make a run at new highs.

Of course, like a chicken I'm still on the sidelines waiting for new highs before I get back in, lol.


Some economists complain that investment has fallen in the last few years in the US and that is the number 1 concern and reason why the US economy hasn't done well. Also, there are call about fiscal stimulus. I wonder if the student loans can be considered "investment" and "stimulus"?

After all, I had seen a statistic once that unemployment for those with an undergrad degree is 4% or so.

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