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June 09, 2012


Octavio Richetta

Good post. The the NYT Floyd article on the Euro is very concerning. There seems to be no way out. Leaving the Euro seems pretty bad, but staying in the Euro seems equally bad, or even worse in the long run.

It looks like the Euro situation is a case of "damned if you do, damned is you don't".

Perhaps, a good analogy is the person who shows up in the ER with a knife stuck in his gut. If you take the knife out the patient bleeds to death. So what do you do? do you leave the knife in and give the patient blood transfusions and let him die a slow death?

Pretty bad situations sometimes get resolved for the better in unexpected ways. Still, I really have to stretch my mind hard to see the European situation as one for which hope is a smart strategy.

If I were to invest on the assumption of a happy ending to the Euro situation, I would do so via Options.


Once again a great post Jeff!

"Spain has agreed to accept outside aid for its banking system. The $125 billion is three times the amount cited by the IMF as needed. The terms were structured with an emphasis on bank reforms rather than new austerity measures."

Some governmental sources say that Ireland will raise the question of re-negotiating the terms of their financial aid at the meeting of the Financial Ministers on June 21. Ireland wants the same terms as Spain got; less emphasis on austerity.

We have to remember that the source is pretty vague. I believe we will be hearing more from this during the upcoming week. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to follow how this plays out.

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