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June 15, 2012


Michael Pitre

Jeff, the recession is already here. I think John Hussman and ECRI are exactly right. Keep in mind that Hussman was one of the few that called the last recession early on. ECRI said it is here now.

Paul Nunes

Very useful! Do not doubt you've inspired me to get better! Thanks my good friend!


Dear Jeff
We just made a Video on the Euro Situation.

Get your Macro Right! Show is the third video of the Fun & Finance´s Second Season.

In this episode –recreating a television game show- we talk about: the role of Central Banks, the Euro Zone, Latin America, among other subjects.

Best regards. And great blog by the way.



Jeff -- You are absolutely right.

It is my hope to stimulate thought and comment, and your views are quite welcome here.

There are many ways to trade profitably, as I often note.



Thanks, Lou.

It was not how I planned to spend Friday night, so I appreciate your taking the time to write!



Thanks Paul,

Since no one pays me to do this, it is nice to know that pros like you find it useful!


Jeff G.

I know you are good about encouraging feedback, but I don't agree that there will either be a grand solution, or a horrible tragedy after the Greek election this weekend, implied in your final comments. Greece will still have problems with a positive result to the election, and will still have way forward to a perceived negative result. I will be tempted to fade a move up, as well as buy a move down. It is just another step in the process to a solution, or disintegration, not sure which, but we aren't in the 4th quarter of the game yet. Just my $0.02.


Yes, we agree here. Nicely written Jeff.

Paul Nunes

Nicely written Jeff.

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