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February 08, 2012




I'm always surprised at how few/no comments you receive on your assessments and analysis. I've been reading your blog for 2 years and enjoy your comments. I like the weekly overview and links to data sources like SLFSI - helps us do our own analysis and compare the data to what others are saying.

Guess your opinions are just too sedate and not bombastic enough.




Could I get a degree from the Austrian School? Is it in Austria? Do they accept cash, or do I have to pay in gold? Do they grant BAs? I was hoping the BS isn't excessive, oops, I mean hoping the BS degree wouldn't be too hard. I was originally planning on attending the Neo-Classical School, but Neo-anything isn't politically correct, and Classic stuff (music, architecture, Coke) is really out of style, right? And if I can't get a degree in that Austrian stuff, whatever it is, can I just say I'm an expert like everybody else does?

alternative investment

As a Brit living in the States, it seems clear to me from an outsiders perspective that outside political and macro forces will heavily influence markets this year. As your election approaches, markets in the States if not globally will become very twitchy, esp. if it looks like Obama is heading for a 2nd term. I am also of the opinion that the risks emanating from Europe are continuously and seriously underestimated underestimated by American investors, but maybe just being too Eurocentric there!

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