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January 21, 2012



Sean -- You probably can't get the trademark, but it is a great idea. I'll certainly use it:)




Can I trademark "repeat recovery" as the inverse of double dip?


Thanks, Mike. It looks like great fun.


Michael Haltman

Hi Jeff::

An interesting look at the SOTU Address along the lines of Barack's Bullshit Bingo game only from the gambling angle.

Try your hand at picking the first cliche that Barack Obama will use during the State of the Union Address. It may be the only way to stay interested enough to slog through it.

As a tease "life is like a bowl of chocolates" is 250/1.

The link to the article is

The Political Commentator


Andrew - The Kostohryz argument rests on his own forecast for the European economies. Since he is a lawyer, I am curious about the basis for this and his track record in economic forecasting.

I encourage you to define carefully your needs and risk comfort level. There is always volatility, even in the strongest market years. That is why I encourage people to have some indicators to watch in deciding on a plan.

Best of luck in your program, and thanks for the kind words.


Andrew H

Jeff, yours is the site I always read nowadays exactly because it is balanced and objective. Yet for the simple investor it is still challenging when you read articles such as that by James A. Kostorhyz, Spain Announces Beginning Of End: The Unfolding Global Fiasco Is Near. I have gradually been coming back to stocks, buying Total at under $42 as an example. In some instances I admit I am averaging down and maybe trying to catch the proverbial knife. But I am already starting to get nervous as to the sustainability of the recovery. Generally I am moving more to a passive index tracking approach than trying to stock pick. The question I grapple with is whether there is any merit in following "classic" allocations today and include bond ETFs such as BND. If I read correctly the last TIPS auction was at negative yields. I also read that the 'recovery' in the S&P is based on thin volumes and the retail investor is not yet ready to re-enter the market. What the tipping point might be I don't know. In summary, whilst "Quietly -- almost without notice -- things are getting better." I have to say it remains a scary market for those of us who are at or close to retirement.

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