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October 31, 2011



A numbers of months ago, Barry made some positive comment about Bianco, implying that he was someone to pay attention to. Barry has been posting Bianco's work fairly often. I have paid a little more attention to it. I take for granted that TV interviews aren't worth much, but I have so far found Bianco's writing to be woefully underwhelming. Lately, he's been harping about how great 30-Year Treasury bonds have been in the last 30 years and how they were just as good as stocks. I don't know if he made that call in 1981, but if that's the call he's making today, I guess I'm going to have to disagree.


Proteus -- I was trying to illustrate a point, providing some links but not a specific call out. This may not be the best approach, since it creates ambiguity.

The Big Picture blog provides a platform for many different writers. The subjects are diverse and opinions vary. Analyst #2 is one of the many contributors there. His firm does a lot of good research work, but I think he is too inflexible on the particular themes I cite.

Thanks for your comment.



Analyst #2 has some good writing now and then, but I find him to be one of the less transparent and more closed-minded bloggers out there. As an example, a while back he wrote something like "moved heavily to cash". During an interview the same week, when asked about his asset allocation, he said "28% cash". How's that again? And don't dare disagree with him about banks.

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