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August 21, 2011



jdb -- This is an excellent suggestion. You have your finger on the right topics.

I was already interested, and you have stimulated me further. There is an interesting angle here, which I am considering.

Thanks for your very thoughtful suggestion.




Thanks, as always, very helpful stuff.

I want to suggest a future writing. Europe. It would be great to get a big picture treatment or going forward treatment in multiple segments regarding what is going on over there.

For instance, issues like:

What is the problem? How did it develop?

Who are the players? How do they interact with each other in a systematic way? The banks. Sovereigns.

What about the national character of the major nations? These folks have been relating to each other for hundred of years.

What needs to be the ultimate solution and what are the obstacles? What might the outline of a final solution be?

How do their problems relate to the rest of the world. Our banks and their banks.

I can ask the questions, but sadly that's about as far as I can go.

But, this issue seems important and is going to be with us for some time. It would be nice to understand and know what to look for.

thanks again for your work.

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