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August 31, 2011


james moylan

Nowdays everything is about get rich quick. Theirs no longer any investors that have the stomach for the ups and downs of the stock market. I buy extremely undervalued stocks of decent quality usually under ten dollars and than hold them for years. I am not a believer in buy and hold forever but I could hold a stock for five years or longer in some cases. I have had great success over the years doing this. You cannot cheat your way to riches their will always be bumps in the road no matter where your going.


Jeez, more than half of the "keys" are subjective.

I just have to comment on models. As an engineer, I use modeling software all the time. 15 years ago, a co-worker told me he intentionally put bad data into the software. He had discovered this gave more accurate results. This software, which cost $50k+, was the best in the industry, and solved well-known equations to analyze electronic circuitry (thank goodness it wasn't analyzing bridges). It amazes me that models of the economy, without "well-known" equations, generate any kind of reasonable output at all.

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