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August 10, 2011



wsm -- I think that the Japan comparison is pretty lame, but I'll put a checkup on the (long) agenda.

If you think that it is a real worry, it adds credibility.




"Unless you believe we are going into a Japan style deflationary spiral, this looks like it has gone too far."

I agree with this - BUT I think readers would benefit from a post along the lines of "Why the U.S. is not Japan" in order to categorically refute all the eery similarities.


Thanks for this post. Thinking with my left brain, it confirms my assumptions of the current state of affairs. From my right brain, I wonder if we're both wrong. I guess that's why markets are profitable - large numbers of people think with the wrong brain at times.

As a long term small investor I know the right thing to do now is to take cash in your accounts and pick up stock at a steal. I follow good stocks that I wanted to buy into before the downturn, and bought what I think is the best stocks at great prices.

That being said, it's hard to see the positions you already have take hits day after day for weeks on end.

Maybe that would be a good post for your "small investor" series - How one can properly analyse these times and profit from them.

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