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August 24, 2011



Though it clearly is a great buy and hold stock/option, it is also a heck of a 'buy the dip' one too. Thanks ....


Thanks for another dash of insight Jeff.

I felt sad when I read SJ's resignation letter. It's a reminder that our time is indeed so short.

It's interesting to see Apple's product/brand positioning philosophy extend to its policy on stock splits. I wonder if it might change eventually.


Brenda Tighe

Interesting article, Jeff. My team was discussing Jobs'departure from Apple today. One of my teammates said he fully expects the stock to tank. I'm assuming that this is why you say that we now have an entry point if we want to get in?


Jeff -- I tried to take a direct quote from the video, so it is a number of James.

While he has many very colorful and emphatic articles, I do not find him to be "fast and loose" with facts or I would not cite him.

As you know, there are various ratios used in securities analysis, with dividing lines for cash and instruments of various maturities. I think that the number cited includes low risk securities that might have a maturity of more than one year. Many others also summarize in this form.

Put another way, Apple could liquidate their portfolio tomorrow for that amount. I don't think it detracts from the argument, but I understand your question.




I've noticed that James Altucher often plays fast and loose with facts. Any idea how he gets $80 Billion in cash? On latest Balance Sheet, Apple's total Cash and Short-Term Investments was $28.395 Billion.

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