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July 09, 2011



Thanks .... I like to 'buy the dips' -- especially if in a big cash position -- but I also like to wait until it starts going back up again first ...


heywally -- That is correct. We have not been involved for trading accounts.

I understand that most people (not you) want to think you can call tops and bottoms. They are chasing an illusion. There is always someone saying they called it right, but few have the long-term record.

Felix just steps away when things are volatile and uncertain, waiting for a better chance.

It pays off.

Thanks for your question.



Thanks for the analysis, Jeff.

"In trading accounts last week we had no positions"

By the above, do you mean you are at 100% cash for the trading accounts? Thanks ....

Paul Nunes

thanks for sharing this infomration Jeff. I think one of the (and maybe obvious) investment conclusions is focus on multinationals. structural unemployment issues and trying to determine where we are in the business cycle does not mean the asian economies in particular are slowing down meaningfully; although how the global capital markets function certainly impacts equity market prices on a daily basis. i would also throw out for consideration it is worth the time and effort to understand the MLP and royalty trust universe; i would argue their business capital structure and cashflows are easier to understand; hopefully this allows a better estimate of value compared to market prices.

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