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April 12, 2011


iPod touch docking station

You are right, the economy has improved and it's not because of QE2. QE2 is coming to an end in June, and I don't think we'll feel any significant effect from it. It is my opinion that QE2 has done nothing for the economy. All it has done is push as towards record deficits and added to our multi-trillion dollar debt. Small business owners such as myself did not any money trickle down into our revenue. The Fed really needs to get their act together.

Aaron Philips

Until the fed comes up with better regulations for back-to-back importing letters of credit, foreign labor markets will continue to devalue world raw material markets that are being shipped duty free on bonded ware-housing systems.


I don't understand why Rule #1 is so hard for people to follow. Reminds me of my favorite of Jack Welch's six rules from when I worked at GE: "See things as they are, not as you wish they would be."

The Fed is made up of trained, published economists that could be considered mainstream. What they will do is usually not that difficult to grasp.

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