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March 23, 2011



Mad -- The terrible employment story has touched nearly everyone, as I often write. There are about 30 million job losses each year. I know many of these folks from family and personal friends.

So while I do not know you personally, I sympathize. And you are not over the hill! Many people had their most important accomplishments after age 55. Read a little about Harry Truman, for example.

Those whom I know that succeeded made their job search a full time job and stayed optimistic in the face of adversity. It only takes one "yes."

Meanwhile, I agree that the economy is operating far below potential. The gains for corporations have not been matched by gains for workers. That will change, and it is taking a long time.

Thanks for sharing your story, and I hope you will have a happy update for us some day soon.



Well it don't mean jack to me. I am far from the stupidest person on the planet and I have had three interviews in the last year. Why? Because I am 49 years old which is over the hill by today's standards. I wish the advances in medicine would just stop and we can all drop dead at age 40 like we did in the good old days. There is no reason to live past 35 anymore. The economy is deader than a doornail. It would be nice to have 10% job creation, but we do not have it so would good is this fantasy world. I would have a better chance if I decided to rob a bank and hijack a jumbo jet and parachute over the pacific northwest. I heard DB Cooper successfully did it, maybe there is hope for the rest of us.

Hello. I read your blog all the time, because it's important to get a balanced view and more facts.

I agree, that many people are not aware of the dynamics involving employment. The total number of new and quits.

My concern, is that we are not producing enough good jobs, where people can support a family and pay taxes.
My view is somewhat tainted by the amount of off shoring by large corporations. I worked for a large multinational. In 2005 the US head count was approximatedly 135,000. In 2009 the US headcount was approximately 105,000. Today I've heard the estimates are 98,000. Can't verify that, because they stopped publishing headcount after 2009. Over these years, the total worldwide headcount increased.

It's the quality of the jobs that I wonder about. Have you ever looked at that? Types of jobs lost, versus types of jobs created?

Thanks for all your good work.

Paul in KC

Excellent post jeff. I have really learned a lot form you with regards to this issue, thanks!

Virtual Data Room

Amazing post. i never thought we could get a chance to forget about employment data.

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