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March 08, 2011


Adirondack real estate

I would like to thanks for sharing this post. The surgeon recommends shrinking the tumor before operating. You decide to make sure of your current job situation before buying a new house. You delay an investment in a local business, waiting for more clarity about conditions. Secondary points include the following: Paulson scrapped the plan to price toxic assets long before it was revealed to the public. This was important to many of us.



Paul Nunes

well said Jeff. the greatest service your blog provides is to put ideology aside if you want to make money from investing and trading


docdan -- This is mostly an article about what is going to happen, the predictive stuff that I usually do. If you want to ignore the prediction and get on the wrong side of the trade, trying to fight the government, I think you are mistake, but feel free. It hasn't worked too well for the last few years, and it will not work now.

As to what we should do -- well that is not the purpose of the article, but I do think that the leaders you name have a better grasp of reality than the general punditry.

Good luck!



So we should trust the key players like Bernake, Fed Governors, Geithner, who actively contributed to the budding catastrophe in 2005-2008, to know when the time is right for tough medicine? And of course there's no question that they have the political will to do the right thing this time.

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