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February 20, 2011


Air Jordan Fusion 12

It is like the tale of a sporting hero who springs from relative obscurity to triumph over a string of worthy opponents, often by assimilating their techniques.


Heyy, I just wanted to thank you for the last Ben Graham's Formula link. It was quite a long but interesting read, especially for a beginning investor like me. Will be visiting often!


Thanks for the answer. A follow up: is there a tipping point price for oil? Is there a price where the pressure on production prices overwhelm profits? Or is that a question that can only be answered looking in the rear view mirror?


skogie1 -- I am watching closely. The energy price developments are important, but there is a lot of volatility.

The answer may be different depending upon your time frame. The trading perspective suggests some delay. Meanwhile, long-term investors have been waiting for a chance to buy.

I am trying to be helpful, but I watch these things in real time and the answer differs depending upon the specific client needs, risk/reward, etc.

You are asking the right question!




You highlight rising energy prices as something to watch. Oil is up dramatically. Is this enough of a spike to move your stance closer to neutral, if not outright bearish? Or is it too soon to tell?

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