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February 01, 2011



Just found your blog and had to tell you how much I like it and what a great post this was.

I've pared down the blogs and forums I visit now to just a couple, just added yours though. :)

FWIW, I've always found SA a bit off. The writers with the most followers and the most comments didn't seem like they had any substance to me, so I very rarely visit there.
Too many gold bugs after gold runs up etc.


Jeff, you are top shelf, very sharp and highly respected. Unlike with many others whose blogs/articles I've read, I never ever have gotten a feeling that you were doing anything but educating your audience with purely unselfish motives. Please keep helping us retail trader/investors, because it seems 'everyone' else is out to pick our pockets.



"people seek re-inforcement, not challenge". No truer words were ever spoken.
As a long time reader, I have to say, I think your writings are "top of the box".

Jim G

Dr. Jeff -
for better or for worse, the rise of the internet has given every tom, dick, and harry a forum for posting whatever nonsense pops in their head. As I commented a couple of weeks ago, much of what is on SA must be taken with a big grain of salt. The first thing I do when I look at a post on SA is look at the writers credentials. Honestly, my eighth grade daughter is more qualified than most. What differentiates your posts is that they always add value, and have something important to say. Thank you for improving my education as an investor. And I hope you will keep posting for a long time. Thanks, Jim


Hi Jeff,
I comment only occasionally, but I read your articles constantly.
Please don't feel discouraged by the size of your audience. I greatly appreciate your work.
And here's a nice anecdote: I was in Israel a couple of weeks ago, and a conversation with a colleague turned to the stock market. We shared our favorite sources, and the first blog he mentioned was yours! So you have a readership even across the ocean.



I do hope you will continue with this category of articles. It is possible, with help, to understand the shaping that is being thrown at us by financial media. It's hard to accept the truth as to how much coming at us is false. But, once you work through this and know the whys of the matter, it provides a great deal of comfort and confidence that one can invest wisely. In fact, all the false information becomes the matrix of success and it doesn't seem to take a rocket scientist to be a good investor. First of all, it just helps one keep our nerve in a chaotic mess of information.

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