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November 18, 2010


hedge fund compliance

thx for the covered call writing strategies.


I use that you mention and find it a great resource. I highly recommend it to anyone doing covered calls/covered writes. I tried some of the other covered call sites and they were ok, borntosell just offers more. And you can try for free for 1-2 weeks (I can't remember the exact length). I have no financial interest in the site, just a happy user.


Jeff -- Thanks for the pointers to more resources.


John the Cheap

This was very interesting. I had not looked into options at all as they seemed too "active" for me. Now I will investigate further.


Thanks for this article focusing primarily on covered calls. Two additional resources:
1. The best book available dedicated solely to covered calls is "New Insights on Covered Call Writing" by Lehman & McMillan:
2. Consider joining the Yahoo "JustCoveredCalls" group here:
This is the best online forum available for discussions with others also interested in investing via covered calls.

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