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October 27, 2010



Terrific column about a really serious issue. A well-known economics blogger (who falls in your category #2) recently claimed (I am paraphrasing): “I don’t have a background in economics, but that’s a good thing.” Unbelievable.

When are economists going to ignore their differences and start throwing their weight around? I watched a mild-mannered physicist friend shred a co-worker after he made an off-handed remark about religion and atomic theory, so I know it can be done. But what will it take for a well-known economist or two to go on the attack?

Brett Alexander


I would rate this as your best and most important post ever. I cannot add anything more to your post, however, an interesting follow-up would be to hear your thoughts on the devastating effect that the "economic bloggers" can have on a retail investor's portfolio and the opportunities it creates for the astute investor aware of the biased and amateurish commentary.

Add talk radio and financial TV and you have a toxic elixir for the investor who thinks they are getting superior information.

Zack Miller

From one Miller to another, great post Jeff. I specifically found your 3 node framework for economist-types useful in understanding why the Kauffman reports reads as it does.

I had a more tongue-and-cheek take on the whole blogging survey myself:


What if one has read Economics in One Lesson?


Yes, agree that the stimulus had a positive effect. As are the near zero interest rates. I believe much of the complaining in this environment is politically driven. But there are folks hurting and may have to seek out new careers in the years ahead.

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