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September 07, 2010



"Too Big to Fail" by Sorkin has to be one of the worst books ever. The guy hasn't a clue about finance and will do anything to be in the same room as those schmucks.

Mike C


Can you expand on why you felt this was the "worst" book? I have not read the book yet, but I have read some of his essays and blog, and reading the book was on my to do list.

Brett Alexander

Anybody read "The Fourth Turning"? In my humble opinion the worst book that I have ever read that has at least a pretty significant loyal following.


Here's a couple:
Collins "Good To Great", mentioned in the comments at James site. Just copy the review of "In Search of Excellence".
Masonson's "All About Market Timing" (investing). An otherwise decent book spoiled by data mining masquerading as research.
I am withholding judgment on Shilling's "Deflation" and Prechter's "Conquer the Crash" for a few more years. We shall see.


Geoffrey -- Thanks for stopping and commenting. Being outrageous and provocative on occasion is very helpful:)


Geoffrey James

You're right. It was a little unfair to include books that made wrong predictions. Actually, the original draft included one of my own books, for just that reason. I took it out because I'm negotiating a book deal and didn't want to raise any unnecessary questions!

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