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August 26, 2010


Account Deleted

As market grows penny stocks investment is being much popular. I also invest money in Penny Stocks. Last week i got $3500 just investing $1200 in 6days. Its a great success for me. To know how i will get this log on to the website.


I understand that, yes. I'm not looking for the holy grail system, I'm more interested in the process of developing systems and models. For example, on this site, there are a few proprietary ETF systems discussed. I'm interested in the books or training required to build systems that are mathematically valid (not contrived to prove a point)

e.g. One ETF system is by a guy named Oscar (I think). Where did Oscar learn what he knows? How can I be an Oscar? It's just an interest of mine.

mark e

i dont think anyone really knows how to build a "valid" automated trading system...think about it, such a system would be one of the most valuable pieces of code on planet Earth!!

just using common sense, if I came up with such a system, there is NO WAY IN HELL I would care to share the system with everyone, because i would have just killed the golden goose!!

we need to apply common sense to this problem, certainly may be possible, using very advanced tools and ALOT of great programming, to build a system, but there would be NO NEED for those people to every SELL the system, because money would the least of their problems


Did you have any idea that the 2008 crash was going to happen? Do you know how many bank/brokers are accurately reporting their bad loans?

Nuff said


You mention how to build a flawed system. Are there books you'd recommend for how to build a valid system?


The people that need to believe the Omen foretells a crash are the same people that need to believe the PPT is propping up the market, since it should obviously be much lower given the lousy economy. Otherwise, the market would just be a bunch of stocks randomly going up and down, and nobody wants to believe that.
Meanwhile, excellent books that address strategies and indicators that really work (or don't work) by Damodaran, Fosback, Montier, Aronson, Niederhoffer, Singal, and many others go unread.

Jack Reacher

"Smart people are fooled by this"????

You gotta be kidding? about this one.....Every time the market has crashed, like in ''87 and March of 2009, the sun came up on those mornings. So watch out!

You are right about Saut's article. He is right, too.


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