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July 15, 2010


Tom S.

Ever since this thing started, I have been reminded of how Intel handled the Pentium "Flaw", I was there. The difference here is that Andy Grove was first and foremost an engineer. He explained all chips have flaws and he was correct. It didn't matter. Jobs made all the same blunders, saying all phones have problems. Doesn't matter. He will be perceived to be arrogant and selfish. This will follow him forever.

BTW, I was one of several hundred Intel employees that gave up our Christmas vacation to answer the phones for those who wanted replacements. Most folks were very appreciative. Intel won many loyal customers in that action. Apple, is really misssing out on an opportunity here. They should replace the phones, no questions asked. The thing you misssed was the PR win that Intel got... in terms of ADVERTISING. You can't buy that kind of publicity. The insiders knew well it was money well spent to replace the chips.


"When there is "headline risk" they simply sell ..."

Thanks Jeff. The 'herd' does not have a meeting, make a rational group choice and then take action, it is confronted with something that it knows everyone else must react to and so it reacts.


Great piece, thanks. Loved the jokes.


Great post. I had forgotten about the Intel floating-point problem. Thanks for the reminder and the tie-in to investing.

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