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June 28, 2010


supra shoes for cheap

With the increasingly powerful tween market, conglomos like Disney farm the "talent" young, groom them in the preferred image, load em up with tons of $$$ and set them out to keep America's kids as dumb as stumps one stupid song at a time, one nauseating feature film at a time. Today, stardom is not earned. Stars aren't even bornasdf anymore; they are manufactured.
Other market watchers are less sanguine. Employment worries have been the gut reaction to the lackluster demand for new homes. Construction will certainly suffer if fewer new homes are being built, so goes the extrapolative train of thought.flopping back and forth at least a dozen times. I drove my family crazy; taking them from store to store, price comparisons and chatting with the store clerks.

Mike C

Just for the record, a few weeks ago I mentioned I added equity exposure. I plan on reducing/hedging tomorrow as it appears the trading range is breaking down.


Russ -- You are of course correct in noting Prof. Krugman's political viewpoint.

I used his article as a nice explanation of the problem, not as support for my own, independent, conclusion about the importance of the Chinese move.

I use a wide variety of sources, trying to identify the "happy zone" for each. This is a much stronger approach than merely crossing people off of the list. If I did that for everyone who pontificated outside of his/her expertise, I would have a very short list of sources!

BTW, Krugman is more important than the top ten economics bloggers put together.

Great point and I hope you see the distinction.



I always read your "Week ahead" entries. Keep up these great summaries. Also, great points about Mauldin abandoning a tried and true indicator.
My only question comes back to your themes on experts and politics. thanks to you, I think i am better about separating the politics from my investment/economics decisions. But I am dismayed that you point to the most partisan economics commentator of the moment, Paul Krugman, as an expert.


I fixed the link to the Ritholtz blog. Also I should have mentioned that I am long Oracle in some client accounts. Sorry for the omission.


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