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June 10, 2010



George M -- You have highlighted the key point. We do not have enough different natural experiments at different tax rates to draw any firm inferences.

Don't expect that to stop anyone from trying!


George M

"Laffer suggested that a tax rate of zero raised no revenue, a tax rate of 100% raised no revenue, and there must be something in between that was ideal and appropriate." Did he or anyone else propose a particular percentage or range that could be tested. I seem to have missed that one.

Re: Bush tax cuts. The market completely ignored them: Kudlow was sharing a show with Cramer and he asked why high-dividend stocks had not reacted and Cramer replied that investors preferred "growth." If they didn't respond then, why would they now?


Raising taxes is not the solution to our problems. Assume that taxes are raised... then they will simply spend more and the cycle repeats itself. The problem is not on the tax side, it is on the spending side. There are currently no curbs on spending. Let people spend their income on what they want and the economy will improve.

Jack Reacher

To say that Reagan's policies did not work is wrong. For the government to take half of what I make and give it to people sitting on their duffs is wrong. It's all as simple as the "Teach a man to fish" analogy.
To tax me to death so that some public employee unionist can retire with a mathmatically unsound actuarial pension is wrong.

I plan to vote, too.

Lee Gibson

Shorter Art Laffer: Reagan. Reagan, Reagan, Reagan. Reagan. Also, Reagan.

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