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May 23, 2010



Thanks for the link! Even though some of it will change and, I'm not sure how the Senate bill can blanket ban banks from trading derivatives (first point), but appreciate your points.


Curtis -- has a very nice calendar of events. Calculated Risk covers every release and also does a weekly review and forecast. I always read both.

There is so much information. I try to provide a focus.



"There are many good services that do a complete list of every event for the upcoming week, so that is not my mission"

Can you give an example of some of these services? I find it difficult to keep track of this stuff.


jb -- I sympathize with your general observation about the complexity of current legislation versus the old days. You have encouraged me to write a piece about this.

Meanwhile, this is not just a problem of legislation. It is true of any ordinary business contract, offering document, or agreement. Last summer I saw the Gershwin letter authorizing a musical version of Porgy and Bess. It was a couple of paragraphs.

So your point is correct, but the focus on Congress is less accurate.

Meanwhile, the way it works is that many people read and summarize bills and point you to what you need to know.

In answer to your (excellent) question, you can find out what you need to know in this New York Times summary:

Thanks again.



Isn't it annoying and unacceptable that no one knows what is in the financial reform bill? What has the American legislation process come to?

Somebody told me that Glass Steagall was 20 pages and the current bills are 1000 pages+. What is the probability that a huge bill like that will lead to something good?

Perhaps, not much to do with investing per se but it is very disappointing nonetheless. :(

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