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May 03, 2010



Analyst -- I am always delighted to learn that readers have made money.

Since most of the anti-consumer punditry has been on this theme for about five years, I am really curious about your method.

What was the tipoff for your 2008 trade? How did you avoid it from 2005-2007, and again in 2009? What will be your signal to act again?




Andrew -- Sorry about the limited sign in capability. I am glad that you took the trouble to comment anyway and thanks for the link.



I'm more inclined to follow Harrison's line of thinking. I just can't figure out how anyone can come to a different conclusion when presented with that very simple truth, but I'm not complaining, I mad $ shorting retail/apparel in 2008, and plan to do so again, this year heh.


Whenever I see reports on consumer confidence and strength, I become weary! We need to start realizing that a consumer economy is not a real economy. We need the days of bricks and mortar again and not Ipods and Plasma HD televisions!

There was an interesting video on TED Video, which discussed the post-crisis consumer. But then again, the Western culture just spends and spends without contemplating the ramifications of their spending habits.

P.S. I can't sign in with Facebook or Twitter to comment.

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