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May 02, 2010


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The sector could get another boost from proposed legislation that could deliver billions of dollars to homeowners facing foreclosure.
It's interesting that the sentiment regarding homebuilders remains similar despite a lot of progress being made in the group. The homebuilders have in fact been trading higher for the past few months and cleared important resistance levels recently. Beyond this, they have also weathered the recent selling in the markets quite well.
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The homebuilders are also trading higher, to levels where risk for investors is great. There is no reason to be optimistic about the U.S housing market, and investors buying at these levels will likely feel the pain of a sharp reversal of the trend over the next several weeks. We urge long term investors to exit long positions in the U.S housing markets into the prevailing strength. Though we believe there will be breakouts in these Index’s, ETF’s, and equities, they will likely be false, thereby trapping the break out players and retail investors. Rather than buy the breakout, sell it, and park the proceeds for better opportunities arising in the future. Thanks for sharing.

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Great Insight For Investors Seeking The Inverse Market Sectors ETFs Were Showing Surprising Strength Custom Homes Floor Plans On ETF Update Surprising Strength InHomebuilders.The homebuilders present a conundrum. Those who have learned to respect the market are taking note of the strength in this sector.Those who focus on fundamentals are watching with amazement.

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