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May 17, 2010


Paul Novell

One blog? I like Absolute Returns. They're a content curator, not a blog per say. Its how I found out about Dash...


I mostly don't look at any of the mainstream 'business' media anymore because their revenue is anchored to advertising, which is much more profitable with 'negative' and easy to digest reporting. The Poll thing is a way to prove that people are still watching and garner viewer loyalty (I guess). It all feels like part of the dumbing down ...

The economic system has always been a big confidence game and all of the media and constant communication is a real negative when things turn South. Try finding the closest thing to 'the truth' now ....

There's several shorter term trading sites I like that might not be relevant here but I do like Bespoke (and 'dash of ...').

My main goal at this point is to bloat out (most) everything and just follow price.


Sadly, I think the financial media learned these tricks from the general media. Running polls as news is an old favorite of today's lazy "journalists".
Also, I could not get the link to work for the Seeking Alpha story about stocks poised for a big rally. Can you check it?
Thanks as always.



Mr. Bear

Paul Nunes

this is a good blog. Dave Merkel's Aleph Blog plus the tech insider link on Roger's list

Paul Nunes

Mr. Bear your opinion is worthless (in my humble opinion). seriously; no need for that; don't read then. Roger; your links are more than adequate; although i recommend the sites real MOney Silver (long term subscriber) and Z man's Alpha if you are interested in the energy markets. Dan Fitzpatrick's Stock Market Mentor useful also; these sites all cost money but worth it.

Mr. Bear

You are an idiot. You are such a cheerleader, you should be hired for CNBC.

tom brakke

Never one. You constantly need to triangulate, and to force yourself to read points of view other than your own and fresh perspectives.

A nice start on a recommended list in the responses to date, though, if you include "a dash."

Mark T

also incidents where the blogger themeselves become "captured" by the commenters and lose balance (usually to the bear side). Just read the article on Seeking Alpha, noted that the frequent comment posters are almost all bearish (and of the " we are bearish because we are so, so much cleverer than you" type) Interesting though that one high frequency guy (buzzer) seems to be trying to make your point that just because they are all negative doesn't mean they are right. (Bit like the global warming consensus?)


My favorites are Random Roger (Nusbaum), Richard Shaw (QVM Group), Jeffrey Saut (Raymond James), and Eddy Elfenbein at

All are level-headed and objective, speak plainly, and are not given to tainting their investment advice with political biases.


I like Humble Student of The Markets the has a top notch blogger list that I select from (including yours) as well.
Anchoring has a close cousin named confirmation bias, yet another peccadillo.


Recommending a single investment blog is like recommending a single investment. All is dependent on the persons risk tolerance, investment goals, personality, etc...

With this in mind, I would be split between Traderfeed for a more short-term trading style with plenty of self-development material supported by solid psychological, behavioral and quantitative background. The other pick would be Stocktwits, which is more like a free marketplace of investment ideas (caveat emptor cannot be emphasised enough though)


One blog?


Not too much stuff, as you friend doesn't read that much blogs.

Also, timely, useful and with the big picture in mind - skipping out the politics, fear rhetorics and noise.

Mike C

Meanwhile, if I had to recommend a single investment blog to my friend, which should I choose?

David Merkel at Aleph Blog. For my money, he brings the most balanced perspective out there to a variety of topics and his scope of knowledge across stock, fixed income, economics is both deep and broad.

Second vote would be Random Roger. In my view, way, way, way too many people are obsessed with figuring exactly every last detail how the future will unfold and the truth is I don't know, you don't know, nobody knows but none of that matters to how to construct and manage a long-term portfolio and he does a great job of showing how one can manage a portfolio without getting paralyzed by the daily noise and gyrations.

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