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April 17, 2010



Hi Paul -- I always appreciate your words of encouragement. I know that many readers of my site are trying to help individual investors. There is so much controversy and mis-information -- it is a daily struggle.

One question is how to help people whose entire focus is on 2008. There is a virtual industry engaged in making sure that people remain worried about another collapse.....

I know this is important, but I am having trouble finding the way to explain.

Thanks again,


Paul in Kansas City

i always do!


Ray -- Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your observation is very wise -- make sure the investment is right for your circumstances.

It is always nice to know that some are getting benefit from these articles:)



Thank you, Jeff. A fine article with sound perspective. The market is advancing due to the fundamentals: increased earnings, cash and improved future prospects. Short-term noise including stories of intrigue, conspiracy, mad-market machinations are assorted sideshows. They create an entry point for long-term, dividend-focused, patient investors. Not buy-and-hold, but buy-and-homework.

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