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April 05, 2010



Hi Chicago --

Let me know where you are and maybe we can meet some time.

I do not think that my statements are bold. I think that I am finding the mainstream. It is the popular sentiment that is extreme:)

Just a thought.



Mark -- You are undoubtedly correct. If you want the job, you had better look like one of their people!

So much for my flippant concluding comments:)




Hello Jeff,

Long time reader, first time commenting. By the way, I found you via Barry Ritholtz.

I'm not sure what will happen next. Got my fingers crossed. Good luck on your bold statements.


Yes, Morgan Stanley is lame. But has there ever been any evidence to the contrary, evidence that their "insights" make people more money than simply investing in an index fund, over the long term?

Mark Wolfinger

"They need some help."

Jeff, If anyone applies to MS with that mindset, I cannot imagine he/she has more than zero chance of being hired.

If you disagree with what the do, and thus, what they teach, how can you be trainable by their standards?


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