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March 17, 2010


Stevie Stevo

Wait, when and why would a journalist look to the blogs? It seems to me that it's the other way around. Like this weekend. Thing is, bloggers don't leave their house--journalists, on the other hand, deliver the goods, doing stuff like interviewing Congressman and reporting on the hectic health care vote transpiring this weekend.

And I have always found the "economic" blogs to be liberally biased, but perhaps that's because every third article they write are about the evil bankers or the economists who failed to predict the future. And I would think the Republican and "wealthy" audience get their news from the,, and places like that, all of which have plenty of "analysis" and running commentary on their editorial pages.

Even still, most economists are Republicans and anti-government--kind of hard to be a proponent of stuff like minimum wage when your model is staring you in the face, with a big fat triangle showing the clear reduction in worker demand that unfortunately results.

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